Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Soenke!

Soenke Facebook

Introducing Soenke! Soenke likes to spend his time listening to and making music, hiking, sailing and playing soccer. Having lived in both cities, Soenke considers both Berlin and San Diego his hometown. When it comes to food, Soenke is definitely partial to German food and is especially fond of knodel, beef, gravy, potatoes and salad. Soenke’s favorite place in the world is Bermuda, where you would find him wearing his gray jacket, and listening to music while driving his Audi. Soenke has some unusual talents including the ability to flare his nostrils and snapping his fingers louder with his left hand even though he is right-handed. He is looking forward to taking AP government his senior year and plans to attend a college where he can pursue his interests and have time for sailing. Keeping busy with sailing, playing soccer and eating his favorite foods, Soenke is sure to have a fun-filled and busy senior year.





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