Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Olivia!

Olivia Facebook


Introducing Olivia! In her spare time, Olivia loves to dance and really enjoys being on the Dance Troupe at her high school and dancing with her friends. Online, you may find Olivia browsing on Pinterest or checking out what is going on with her friends on Instagram on her phone. Olivia’s favorite place in the world is Hawaii and you would most likely find her there in her Lululemon leggings. In the future, Olivia’s plans include attending a four year college and meeting Ben Higgins from the Bachelor. You will never find Olivia without her phone, some hair ties and her keys. Being surrounded by her family, friends, and dancers on her Dance Troupe will ensure that Olivia has a fabulous senior year.



Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Taylor!

Taylor Ch Facebook

Introducing Taylor! Taylor enjoys cross-country running, lacrosse and snowboarding. At the age of 10, Taylor showed his entrepreneurial spirit and started his own business picking up people’s yards and doing pet care. If he could be anywhere on earth, Taylor would choose to spend time in Barcelona, Spain, wearing Nike basketball shorts.  Some interesting facts about Taylor are: he is an only child, he can sleep with his eyes open, he recently learned how to drive a stick shift in Mexico and he was the Ultimate Grand Master Champion in a fishing contest with his dad. Taylor is looking forward to playing another year of Varsity lacrosse during his senior year. I know that Taylor will have an awesome senior year playing lacrosse, running cross country and hanging out with his friends.


Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Ben!

Ben FacebookIntroducing Ben! Ben is very involved in Band and Theater at his high school. When he was younger, Ben ate a bar of soap and started burping bubbles! These days, Ben prefers a good pasta, Swedish Fish and and sweet tea. Ben says his favorite place on earth to be is home where he often listens to rap music and other genres. In the future, Ben wants to have a great experience in college, and work hard towards his dream job of being a broadcaster. For now, Ben is looking forward to all the new and exciting experiences that senior year has to offer. Armed with good friends, his books and games (things he says he can’t live without), I am confident that Ben will have an amazing senior year.

Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Emma!

Emma FacebookIntroducing Emma! Emma spends her time swimming with her varsity team at school, taking photographs and listening to rap and pop music. While she wishes she was a better singer, Emma has a talent for memorizing the lyrics to songs very quickly and her favorite song right now is “All I Ask” by Adele. When it comes to food, Emma is partial to strawberries, 3 Musketeers candy bars and strawberry lemonade. Emma’s future goals include attending a 4 year college, and pursuing a career in the field of criminal justice. Emma is looking forward to her senior year in high school and I am certain it will be filled with good friends and great memories.



Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Hunter!


Hunter FacebookIntroducing Hunter! Hunter is a self-proclaimed Star Wars enthusiast and has a passion for the sport of lacrosse which he has played at the varsity level since his freshman year of high school. Hunter’s favorite food is burritos and he also enjoys Heath candy bars and drinking Pepsi. After high school Hunter would like to to play lacrosse at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky and work towards his dream job of being a US history teacher. Hunter is excited about his senior year and is looking forward to getting ready for college. I am sure that Hunter will have continued success in his lacrosse career and enjoy hanging out with his friends and having fun senior year.

Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Lauren!

Class of 2017 Senior


Introducing Lauren! Lauren loves spending time with her friends, being a stats girl for a boys soccer team, going to the gym, listening to music and spending time with her family. Her dream job would be an Event/Wedding planner or working in the music industry. If Lauren could be anywhere on earth you would find her at the beach! Lauren likes dark chocolate, Snickers bars, Reece’s Pieces and blue Powerade. While Lauren has been very active with her school’s ASB she is looking forward to going to college and being happy! I know that Lauren will have an amazing and memorable senior year.


My newly remodeled Studio!


I’ve been super busy for the past 2 months remodeling my home studio.  While I liked the space before, the floors and walls were both in need of some work and I was ready for a change.  So, we decided to change pretty much everything.  We started with having a flooring company come in and take out the old floors and install the new light gray laminate floors, they are called “Beachfront” and look and feel like wood.  Then we painted the walls a nice neutral gray as I wanted something that would show off all the beautiful frames and photo samples that I display.  I also ended up priming and painting my old beechwood laminate Ikea pieces white to give them a fresh modern look.  For the large wall in the studio, I wanted something that would also look great with frames and something that I could use as another backdrop in the studio.  We used plywood from Home Depot which was cut into 8 inch strips.  I then stained and whitewashed them and my husband rented a tall ladder and nail gun and installed them on the wall.  Once that was all done, I added lots of fun finishing touches and pops of color including new curtains, a small chaise and a gumball machine which I painted to match the room.  I love the way everything turned out especially how light and bright it is and love my work-space even more now!  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and visit!
















Fun with Polaroids!

We were in Las Vegas this summer for our usual getaway with the kids.  We’ve been doing this for several years now and the kids always look forward to spending time in the lazy river, going to a good show and being in “vacation mode.”  This year, we added a few new things to our entertainment and everyone had a great time!  We took the kids midnight bowling and they had so much fun (and enjoyed being up and out so late) that we ended up taking them again!  Another highlight was getting to ride the High Roller which is now the worlds tallest Ferris wheel and it takes 30 minutes to go one revolution.  As it never stops, you have to get on the platform and hop on while it’s moving!  The “pods” are quite large and will hold up to 40 people but it wasn’t very busy when we went so there were only 10 of us in ours which allowed us plenty of room to walk around and look outside.  The High Roller is part of the new shopping/dining district called the LINQ which had some great stores and restaurants.  My favorite was the new Polaroid Photo Bar where you can transfer photos from your Iphone and get what looks like old fashioned Polaroids printed while you wait.  The store also had lots of great frames and other ways to display your photos.

.photography studio-8115

12th Birthday Party!

Have I mentioned how much I like Pinterest?  Earlier this month, we had a small birthday party for my daughter who just turned 12. It was so much fun getting some creative and fun ideas from Pinterest!  We did this party on a serious budget and I think everything turned out great!  Check out the photos below!

IMG_6161These were a big hit and made awesome favors for the girls to take home!


Candlestick, Styrofoam ball, spray paint and a lot of Dum Dum lollipops!  Reminds me of something out of a Dr. Seuss movie!

IMG_6212 IMG_6204

Water bottles with custom labels printed at home!  Source –


Just for fun!


Wood tags, stickers, spray paint and photo clips.


Party games!  We did an egg & spoon race, sack races and the telephone game (a cross between telephone and Pictionary)


Everything all put together!


Cake from Costco.  We requested a plain cake and then drew where we wanted the text.  Mustaches were made from candy molds.