Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Taylor!

Taylor Facebook

Introducing Taylor! Taylor’s hobbies include soccer, reading, watching tv and hiking. She also loves to travel and her favorite place on earth is Portugal where you might find her wearing her favorite dress from Hollister. When it comes to food, Taylor loves a good steak, cheesecake, Sour Patch candy and drinking strawberry lemonade. While she wishes she was a better dancer, Taylor’s hidden talent is making music videos and making movies with her cousins. Taylor is looking forward to a senior year filled with making lasting memories. Her future goals include attending a good college and pursuing her dream job of becoming a pediatrician. Along with her friends, her family and some good music, I am certain that Taylor will have an amazing and memorable senior year.

Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Connor!

Connor Facebook

Introducing Connor! Connor’s hobbies include playing lacrosse and hanging out with his friends. If he could be anywhere in the world, you would find Connor in Maui, wearing his favorite clothes from Rip Curl and Nike and maybe even catching a wave on his surfboard. When it comes to food, Connor is partial to Wings n Things, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and drinking Dr. Pepper. Some interesting facts about Connor include: he had his appendix removed in the 4th grade, he has a cat named Bubbles and he has never broken a bone. Connor is most looking forward to being able to take some off-rolls during senior year. His future goals include playing lacrosse at Lindenwood University, going to medical school and pursuing his dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. With the help of his lacrosse team, his friends and family, I am sure that Connor will have a fun filled and memorable senior year.

Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Jordan!

Jordan Facebook

Introducing Jordan! In her spare time, Jordan enjoys playing soccer, going to the beach, reading, hanging out with her friends, running and going on adventures. If she could be anywhere on earth, you would find her at Disneyland wearing her favorite clothing and shoes from Nike and Lululemon. Her all-time favorite food is pizza and she also enjoys dark chocolate and drinking smoothies. Although she describes herself as “a major nerd”, Jordan’s friends would describe her as athletic, outgoing, funny, loud, trustworthy and kind. Jordan is looking forward to all the fun activities that senior year has to offer. Her future goals include playing soccer in college, medical school and pursuing her dream job of becoming a doctor. I am sure that Jordan will have an amazing and memorable senior year filled with soccer, beach adventures and hanging out with her friends.

Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Isaac!

Isaac FacebookIntroducing Isaac! Isaac enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, paintball and being involved with theater at his high school. He is proud of the fact that he has held lead roles in multiple school plays. Although he has never visited another continent, he has several favorite places in the US, including Hawaii, North Carolina and Kentucky. When it comes to food, Isaac is a fan of sushi and he also loves Sour Patch candy and drinking iced tea. Isaac is looking forward to “being top of the chain” as a senior next year. His future goals also include attending college on the east coast, and pursuing his dream job of becoming a television actor. I am sure that Isaac will have a very busy and fun-filled senior year hanging out with his friends and being involved with the theater group.

Meet Class of 2017 Senior Model Sara!

Sara Facebook

Introducing Sara! Sara’s hobbies include dancing and drawing and her favorite place on earth (so far) is San Francisco. Sara says her friends think she is funny, although they may not know that she likes math and dogs, and that her middle name is Jordan. When it comes to food, Sara is a fan of Chick-fil-A, Three Musketeers candy bars and vitaminwater. Sara is excited about senior year and getting closer to being done with school. In the future, Sara’s goals include graduating from college, meeting a National Geographic photographer and pursuing her dream job of becoming an artist. I am sure that Sara will have an amazing senior year surrounded by her friends and family.

Fun with Polaroids!

We were in Las Vegas this summer for our usual getaway with the kids.  We’ve been doing this for several years now and the kids always look forward to spending time in the lazy river, going to a good show and being in “vacation mode.”  This year, we added a few new things to our entertainment and everyone had a great time!  We took the kids midnight bowling and they had so much fun (and enjoyed being up and out so late) that we ended up taking them again!  Another highlight was getting to ride the High Roller which is now the worlds tallest Ferris wheel and it takes 30 minutes to go one revolution.  As it never stops, you have to get on the platform and hop on while it’s moving!  The “pods” are quite large and will hold up to 40 people but it wasn’t very busy when we went so there were only 10 of us in ours which allowed us plenty of room to walk around and look outside.  The High Roller is part of the new shopping/dining district called the LINQ which had some great stores and restaurants.  My favorite was the new Polaroid Photo Bar where you can transfer photos from your Iphone and get what looks like old fashioned Polaroids printed while you wait.  The store also had lots of great frames and other ways to display your photos.

.photography studio-8115

12th Birthday Party!

Have I mentioned how much I like Pinterest?  Earlier this month, we had a small birthday party for my daughter who just turned 12. It was so much fun getting some creative and fun ideas from Pinterest!  We did this party on a serious budget and I think everything turned out great!  Check out the photos below!

IMG_6161These were a big hit and made awesome favors for the girls to take home!


Candlestick, Styrofoam ball, spray paint and a lot of Dum Dum lollipops!  Reminds me of something out of a Dr. Seuss movie!

IMG_6212 IMG_6204

Water bottles with custom labels printed at home!  Source –


Just for fun!


Wood tags, stickers, spray paint and photo clips.


Party games!  We did an egg & spoon race, sack races and the telephone game (a cross between telephone and Pictionary)


Everything all put together!


Cake from Costco.  We requested a plain cake and then drew where we wanted the text.  Mustaches were made from candy molds.

My Home Studio – Shipping & Receiving

As a photographer, one of the challenges of working out of your home studio is where to put all your STUFF!. From props to camera gear and bags to supplies, you have to figure out where to store it so it doesn’t get in the way and yet is easily accessible when you need it, and of course, in my opinion, should look good too! Our formal dining area was pretty much being called “shipping and receiving” by my husband, so I decided I might as well get it organized and looking good. With a little inspiration from Pinterest (of course!) and some Martha Stewart chalkboard labels from Staples, I managed to come up with a solution that works for me and looks pretty good too!IMG_5394

I love Pinterest!

Who loves Pinterest? Yes, you can get lost in the world of Pinterest for hours but you can also come away with some amazing ideas! Thanks to Pinterest I was inspired to get our important household paperwork organized and since that binder turned out so nicely, I organized a lot of my business paperwork too! As a photographer and small business owner, I was constantly looking for samples, forms and catalogs and now I know just where to find them! Who knew binders came in such bright and fun colors?